vendredi 9 novembre 2007

night lights

This picture has been post treated on computer.

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Anonyme a dit…

Bravo pour cet effet surnaturelle ma louloutte !
ta maman qui t'aime

Anonyme a dit…

No I wonder, ho did you make it?
It is like fireworks . glad and sparkling, isn`t it :)

Did you find that dog blog, hat I mentioned earlier?
Do you want to sent your dog`s picture there?
If you want, you can do it.

Have a happy weekend, Axelle!

Olivier a dit…

je vois que tu t'amuses bien avec tes photos. bonne idee et bravo

Anonyme a dit…

Hello Axelle!
Thank you for your explaining the way, how you made this picture!
I have almost same camera, it is Canon Eos 350 and probably I could have same software as you have :)
( I see now, that I have lost w letters in my earlier comment, sorry! )
If you want to play more the different kind programs, I will give one to you.
You can find it in URL:

Perhaps your father already knos it. Playing with it is fun!

I wish happy days to you, Axelle!

Anonyme a dit…
Ce commentaire a été supprimé par un administrateur du blog.
Anonyme a dit…

And again! knos = knows.
I should clean my keyboard, I suppose:)